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Escorts from Geita

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Geita is a town located in the extreme northwestern part of Tanzania divided from Mwanza, Kagera and Shinyanga regions. It is bordered by Lake Victoria in the north and east and has five districts and one town council.

The region’s rural population is relatively poor and relies on small-scale farming which employs almost 80% of the population. The other major economic activities include mining, fishing and livestock keeping.
What is Geita known for?
Geita town is well known for gold mining. The Geita greenstone belt hosts several world-class shear-hosted Archaean lode gold deposits. The mining method used is open-pit mining.
Pickup joints in Geita
Since Geita is a small town, the chances of getting hooked up are slim. The town’s population is also quite poor. The best way to get a date here would be to create a profile in any of the local online dating sites, where you will find locals as well as foreigners looking for people to mingle with.
Nightlife in Geita
The best way to enjoy the nightlife in any small town is to get a local guide for show-around tours. In Geita, there aren’t many out of the ordinary places to go to during the night, but here are some of the most popular:

New Usbon Night Club
Desire NightClub
Lake Oil Club
Nyegezi Pub
Meyvis Pub

The Sukuma people occupy the region on the southern shores of Lake Victoria.
Geita massage and spas
Massages among the Sukuma were conducted by non-initiates. After ‘ihane’, the initiation ceremony, the young adults were no longer required to conduct massages anywhere.

However, the traditional methods are not popular among tourists visiting this town.
Prostitution and Sex Tourism in Geita
In Geita town, prostitution is a common trade in the gold-mining villages. The prostitutes tend to move with the artisanal miners who often move to look for new opportunities depending on the supply of gold. There are both mobile and resident prostitutes in Geita.

The mobile prostitutes move around the towns on Geita, Mwanza, Shinyanga, Kahama, Nzega, Biharamulo and Musoma with their main targets being the expatriate staff of the mining companies and the well-off business operators.

The resident sex workers service the local miners of large-scale mining companies as well as small-scale miners and the local community.

Some of the sex workers moved to this town in search of jobs in the mines, but after failed attempts, they tend to resort to prostitution.   Thousands of children also leave school in order to work in these mines and eventually get exposed to other trades such as prostitution and drug use.
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