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Escorts from Katavi

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Katavi region is situated on the western side of Tanzania and is well known for being home to the famous Katavi National Park. It is a new region and was officially declared one of Tanzania’s 31 regions in 2012, after the subdivision of the Rukwa region. It is divided into three districts; Mlele, Mpanda mjini and Tanganyika.

This region has an abundance of natural resources. It has deposits of minerals such as gold, green tourmaline, gemstones and copper.  In addition, 90% of this region is blessed with fertile land and more than 50 rivers. This makes it a very fertile place and an excellent place to practice aquaculture in the big lakes such as Lakes Tanganyika and Rukwa.

Pickup joints in Katavi

According to recent data from the Tanzania National Bureau of Statistics, Katavi region has one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in the country, with 45% of girls aged between 15 and 19 becoming pregnant.

To the visitor, this implies high chances of getting a hook up in Katavi. However, dating underage girls may put you in trouble. Due to the low levels of education among the girls, as a foreigner, you will seem more exotic to these girls but they will expect you to dress decently just like the local men.

In Katavi, the annual Saba Saba Trade Fair attracts many people of all ages, and from all places. The trade fair has exhibitions every Saturday and here you will get to enjoy the famous nyama choma (grilled meat) with your companion. Buy your soulmate their favorite clothes from the second hand clothes (mitumba) exhibition and this will be a gesture that will not be taken lightly by these generous ladies. The trade fair also has exhibitions of cars, household chores and entertainment joints where you could relax and have an engaging conversation.

To the single man or woman looking for a local girl to date, this is the right place to start.

In addition, this region is popular among tourists for its diversity and abundance of wildlife. Due to this, night drives in the park are available but have to be pre-booked. The hotels and pubs are also ideal places to meet a new person.

Prostitution in Katavi

The prostitutes in Katavi region are commonly referred to as ‘Madada poa’. Their main location was at the Isumamilolo gold mine. After the mine was closed, they moved to towns such as Mpanda, Mbeya and Rukwa. In these towns, you will get services from these ‘madada poa’ in brothels and guesthouses.

Mtaa wa fisi, in Mpanda town, has five brothels and a guesthouse that was converted into a brothel, near Allyen petrol station. Majengo street in Mpanda is also rife with ‘madada poa’.

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The Pimbwe people (Wapimbwe) are the most dominant communities in the Katavi region. However, there are also Wafipa, and Wabende in Katavi. As a mineral-rich zone, you will find a diverse community of people from all over Tanzania and abroad. Hook up with Pimbwe girls as well as other exotic call girls in Katavi on Exotic Tanzania.

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