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Mtwara region is in the southernmost part of Tanzania. It borders Lindi to the north, Ruvuma to the west, Indian Ocean to the east and is separated from Mozambique in the south by the Ruvuma River. Traditionally, the Makonde have been the most dominant tribe in this region.

Agriculture accounts for more than 85% of the region’s income, followed by fishery, the service industry and forestry. The major cash crops are cashew nuts. Mtwara region is the leading producer of cashew nuts in Tanzania.

Pickup joints in Mtwara

The 125kms of coastline in Mtwara offers a wide range of activities for both the locals and visitors to the region. Plenty of girls enjoy having fun at the coast. The most popular activities are surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking and building of sandcastles. They enjoy coming to the beach since it is always filled with tourists enjoying the scenery or the sunsets. If you are foreign you will appear more exotic to these girls.

There are also several colleges, universities and campuses in the region. Students will always be willing to interact. Majority will want a one night fling. Some of the universities here include Stella Maris Mtwara University College (SAM), Tanzania Institute of Accountancy (TIA) and Mtwara (U) Teachers College.

Nightlife in Mtwara

The most pleasant spots for enjoying nightlife in this region are the bars and nightclubs in Shangani area near the sea.

The most popular nightclubs in Mtwara are;

  • Makonde Beach Club Mtwara
  • GRseven Legends Lounge and Sportsbar
  • CopaCabana Pub Mtwara

Mtwara is quite remote and therefore does not offer the most exciting lifestyle for the urban mind. However, the Makonde people are the most widely spread tribe in this region. They have retained their traditional religion despite centuries of influence by Islamic traders.

Prostitution and sex tourism

Likingi and Makonde Hall in Mtwara are notorious for being home to prostitutes from the universities in the region. Most are noted to come from the Tanzania Public Service College-Mtwara campus, and this trade appears to be a common source of income for the majority of them.

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