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Escorts from Kagera

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Kagera escorts, call girls and Hawa massage

Kagera region is named after River Kager, the real source of the River Nile. It is the only region in Tanzania that borders four countries; Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi and Kenya. Coffee is the main cash crop for smallholder farmers in Kagera. Kagera is the largest coffee-producing region in Tanzania by volume.

The Haya are the dominant people in this region. They do cultivation of other crops such as bananas, beans, various root crops, fruits and maize, and also practice their farming in home gardens locally known as ‘kibanja’.

Nightlife and pickup joints in Kagera

There are many spots along the famous Kagera River where you could relax and get to spend time with a special companion you just met. Just like in all major towns and cities, the best way to catch up is over a drink and dancing with the locals.

Here are some of the most popular locations where the people in Kagera enjoy their nightlife most:

  • 7th Lounge
  • The Mint Club
  • Opium Club
  • Basanova Club
  • Linas NightClub

Prostitution in Kagera

Prostitution is a popular trade along the Tanzania-Uganda border. There is an aggressive group of streetwalkers, sometimes as young as 9 and 10 years, who line up selected streets and guest houses in areas such as Uswahilini and Bus stand.

There is also a group of semi-street walkers who sit at hot spots and along streets, wrapped in khanga or kitenge and carrying plastic bags to camouflage as regular citizens on a walk.

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