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Escorts From Mwanza

Escorts from Mwanza

Mwanza escorts, call girls and massage girls

Mwanza region is situated in the northern part of Tanzania. It borders Lake Victoria to the north, Kagera to the west, Shinyanga to the south and southeast. It is a relatively small region and occupies approximately 2.3% of mainland Tanzania. 43% of the region’s surface area is covered by water.

The main regions in the Mwanza region are the Sukuma, Zinza, Haya, Sumbwa, Nyamwezi, Luo, Kurya, Jita and Kerewe.

What is Mwanza known for?

Agriculture constitutes approximately 53% of the total regional income, with over 40% of Tanzania’s cotton coming from Mwanza.

Pickup joints in Mwanza

Mwanza region is relatively small compared to other regions in Tanzania. The best place to get a beautiful lady has to be the attractions along the shores of Lake Victoria.

The Bismarck Rock is a fascinating place and there is a little park here which is a favorite for people looking for the perfect sunset spot you will find the beautiful ladies basking in the sun or just taking strolls during the evenings.

Another popular place where people love to socialize and trade in artistic souvenirs is the Maasai Market. Here you will find beautiful Maasai ladies and strong warriors selling beaded jewelry and medicine on both sides of the footbridge. Get contacts and invite your companion during their free time.

Mwanza’s main fish market, Mwaloni Market, is quite a spectacle. In fact, the controversial documentary film Darwin’s Nightmare (2004) was shot here. Unfortunately, it has led to the banning of photography at the market. There are many ladies working here and you will definitely spot one that suits you.  

Nightlife in Mwanza

Mwanza is a fantastic place to mingle with local Tanzanian girls from different backgrounds. The nightclubs here are lively and you will enjoy the sounds, bright flashes and rhythms. The most popular nightclubs are:

  • Eden Park NightClub, along Nyerere road
  • Club Rock Bottom along Kenyatta X Post Road, 255 Mwanza, Tanzania
  • Rock Bottom Nightclub in ppf plaza, Mwanza
  • Club 55 nightclub in Uhuru street-Mwanza
  • Club Galaxy, Mwanza

Massage in Mwanza

The Sukuma people are the most dominant group among the locals. Massages among the Sukuma were conducted by non-initiates. After ‘ihane’, the initiation ceremony, the young adults were no longer required to conduct massages anywhere. Today, you can call a massage therapist from Exotic Tanzania any time of the day.

Prostitution in Mwanza

Mwanza has a lot of attractive features and entertainment places like big hotels, nightclubs, bars, casino, tourist centres and beaches that attract child prostitution.

Child prostitution is common, with local administrators giving young girls false ID cards. The group of people who commonly support child prostitution includes teachers, policemen, nurses, doctors, and social workers. The local business owners use their bars, saloons and clubs to conduct prostitution.

A street in Mwanza, known as Kirumba, is also popular for the illegal trade of prostitution. For call girls and escorts in Mwanza 24 7, visit Exotic Tanzania.


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