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Escorts From Mbeya

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Escorts from Mbeya

Mbeya escorts

Mbeya region is situated in Tanzania’s southwest highlands. The capital of the region is Mbeya city. It is a region with several tourist attractions including a natural bridge known as daraja la Mungu (God’s bridge).

The ethnic communities in Mbeya region include Wanyakyusa, Safwa, Malila, Sangu, Nyinga, Nyamwanga, Ndaji, Bunguu and Kimbu.

Where to meet new people for dating in Mbeya

The most romantic thing to do in Mbeya region has to be walking and enjoying the sunset at the beach. Many locals enjoy this spot and you will be guaranteed to find beautiful Tanzanian lasses by the beach. Majority of the girls come from the small villages around the beach in the northern tip of Lake Malawi.

For the ladies who love to see a variety of animals without the hassle of hiking through dense forests and steep terrain, the Ifisi Zoo, Museum and Ravine is a great place to relax as well. It has several sitting areas and offers a variety of drinks and meals. The animals here include pythons, warthogs, pelicans, turtles, galagos and blue monkeys.

Apart from sandy beaches, Lake Nyasa offers a warm climate. It is a magnificent lake with beautiful scenery and is also home to 30% of the world’s population of cichlid species (colorful fish easily seen in the lake’s clear waters. This makes it a fantastic place to mingle with beautiful locals as well as other visitors in the region. Relax along the beach or go for a swim in the lake.

There are several higher learning institutions in Mbeya. They include Mbeya University of Science and Technology (MUST), Mzumbe University – Mbeya University College (MUMCo), Tanzania Institute of Accountancy (TIA), Mbeya Teofilo Kisanji University (TEKU), Open University of Tanzania (OUT), and St. Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT). At these institutions you will always find students ready for a fling or one night stands. Tourists in the region appear more exotic to them and are prime targets.

Prostitution and sex tourism in Mbeya

The Mbeya region in Tanzania exhibits characteristics of a typical ‘border town’. It is also among the regions with the highest HIV prevalence in Tanzania. The region has a number of higher learning institutions and this has encouraged sexual relationships between the students and the immediate community.

The prostitutes in Mbeya are lured with promises of better fortunes and come from as far as Iringa, Ruvuma, Singida and Njombe. Upon arrival in Mbeya they are forced to live in poor conditions where they are congested and commonly refer to this place as ghetto. They mostly operate around bars and guesthouses.

Escorts in Mbeya

The population of Mbeya is largely youthful and their energy fuels the excitement here. Majority of them are from several institutions of higher education found in the region.

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